Music production for TV, advertising, film and Internet.

Customise your Website with an original and inspirational soundtrack.  We have many years experience producing original music for a range of purposes.  Many of the soundtracks listed below have been commissioned for UK Television.

Music production for TV

Original and inspirational soundtracks, many used by BBC TV news and current affairs programmes and literally heard by millions.

Listen now:

      Black Britain BBC Series
      Tomorrows Socialism BBC Series
      Nelson Mandela Release BBC Newsnight
      A Peer Inside - BBC Parliament
      European Focus BBC Parliament Channel
      Promo for BBC Watchdog
      BBC Special Report

Stings and identity music

Perfect for producers requiring idents and stings for TV, TV/film advertising, website and software applications.

Listen now:

      Triumph Motorcycle Presentation
      Game Introduction Theme
      BT Presentation Ident
      British Telecom Laptop Presentation
      Mexico - Promo film for Mabe Industries
      House of Lords

Original and inspirational soundtracks for TV, advertising, film and Internet

Ambient and theme music for a range of purposes

Listen now:

      Traveller's Tail
      Hungarian Dream
      Out in the Country
      Transatlantic Voyage
      Short of Shanty
      Dream On

Album Tracks

Ideal for Websites, film or TV projects

      Texas Ska
      Ipcress File Ska
      Ska Party
      Le Docteur
      Rebel Devil
      Oh Oh
      I'm in Paris



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